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Universe of G-Minor - The Proverbs of Shedey’uwr

The Proverbs of Shedey’uwr

(Selected Examples)

First appearances are deceiving. No one is what they seem.

Honeyed lips and honest truth are seldom allies.

All fools aren’t young nor all young fools, but it’s a smart wager.

Adventure is the delight of fools and recounting it the delight of drunks. The challenge is discerning the difference.

Honorable men are long revered but fools are soon forgotten.

Monsters were made for killing, but they might disagree.

Some monsters – aren’t.

A Curse of Flesh not of Soul,
Are the Lycanthropes of Old.
(Unfinished poem)

Why have a king except to be rid of lawless anarchy? Why have a rebellion except to be rid of a lawless king? This is irony.

Taxing people into rebellion is the mark of a bad king;
and soon a dead one.

Civil war isn’t civil.

Evil does by night what it fears by day.

Betrayal is never far from the selfish man.

Tread lightly where demons are concerned.

Fools leap to conclusions – and off a cliff.

The fool plunges into battle without thought. The wise man plans before drawing his sword.

Heroes should be admired from a distance.

Prophecies are beloved only until they come true.

The wisdom of the common folk confounds even the wise.

Never be surprised when good deeds are punished.

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