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--- A Weekly Murder Mystery Serial ---
Michael V. Wilson, the Scribe of Texas

Paul Pierson is a hard-bitten former cop turned private eye. In a Humphrey Bogart voice he tells you the stories stashed away in his filing cabinets; stories of murder and intrigue, backroom deals and back alley muggings, gorgeous dames and sinister crooks.

It’s a world where nothing is ever quite what it seems and the suspects outnumber the bodies a dozen to one. Double-dealing on the street competes with double-timing in the bedroom.

Every mystery seem to have just a touch of the un-natural to it. Is it real or just appearances? From the drawing room to the dives, Pierson races against the clock to solve the mysteries in these fast-paced stories.

Can you follow the clues and figure out whodunnit? It’s a battle to the finish in these tales from The Pierson Files!

The Mystery of the Monkey's Mouth

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