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Book 2 - Chapter 24

“You can’t get away that easy,” Kor told her as he applied the Force to her wounds. Her burned flesh began to heal in seconds. The torn and shattered muscle tissue healed and knit itself back together. Her internal organs resumed their normal hue and color and began to function normally again. Her breathing steadied and her heart became strong and regular again. Color returned to her cheeks and she sat up, staring at him in disbelief.

She looked down at her chest. Two blaster bolts had hit virtually in the same place, one after another. The first weakened her armor and the second one burned a hole in it, leaving her vulnerable to a third one moments later. There had been so many blaster bolts in the air it was a wonder more of them hadn’t done the same thing.

“You – you healed me,” she gasped in wonder.

Kor tried to keep his tears from leaking. “Of course. The Jedi are warriors when it’s needed and healers when it’s needed.”

She shook her head. “Will I be able to do that too?”

He smiled gently. “Well, it’ll take some practice, but if you study hard and pay attention in class, yeah, you’ll be able to heal people too.” He looked over his shoulder. “Prauf?”

I’m ready if you are, kid.

Mia looked at them as Prauf crouched beside Kor. “Now? Right here?”

“Here and now is the best time for everything,” Kor told her.

He and Prauf reached toward each other with the Force, felt their power join and build, then focused it on her. Kor summoned the memories of what he’d felt and done when he turned Prauf into a Jedi then applied it to Mia as best he could. Prauf followed his lead.

Wait. Not there, here.

I see it.


Mia gasped as a whole new world of sensation burst open in her mind. A door she hadn’t known was there swung wide and new feelings poured in. Prauf chuckled, remembering how it felt to him when it happened.

How does it feel, Kor asked her?

She gasped in shock. “I can hear you in my head!”

You can answer me the same way if you try.

Like this?

That’s it. Kor smiled at her.

Is this what it’s like when you and Prauf talk this way?

He nodded, overjoyed to see her whole and healthy again.

She felt his emotions and blushed. Then she blushed again as she realized he could feel hers the same way. She stood up and swayed dizzily. “Whoa!” This is going to take some getting used to.

“Yeah, and we’ll help you in a minute, but right now we’ve got some unfinished business to take care of.”

Kor turned to face the fearful remnants of the guards. “Arrest the Council for crimes against the people of Mizar,” he ordered. They hesitated and he snapped, “Now!” They flinched, then scurried like whipped dogs to obey.

Prauf relaxed. “What’d ya got in mind, kid?”

He held up a finger. “Hang on. Mia, use your comms to call all the terminals in both Rings and tell them Jien and Sessra are dead. Tell them to send representatives here as quickly as possible.” She felt the optimism in him and her face lit up. She dashed up the ramp, disappearing inside the Fair Lady.

Prauf saw where he was going. “Are you going to set up a new government here? That’s not really what we set out to do, kid.”

Kor was offended. “Of course not. But, I’m going to call together the people from the planet and the Rings, then let them set up a new government.”

“You think they can come up with something decent?”

Kor spread his hands. “Who knows? But it can’t be any worse than what they had.”

Prauf cocked his head to one side. “Can’t argue that.”

* * * * *

By the middle of the next day, representatives from all over the Mizar system had assembled and been told about Sessra’s scheming and Jien reinstating him despite his treachery. Government workers revealed the price rigging on fuel and the tremendous difference between what the miners were paid for their ore and what the government was selling it for. When department heads who went along with the deals tried to silence them, they were nearly torn limb from limb by angry mobs. With three Jedi standing over them (Mia was now dressed in Jedi robes even if she was still untrained and didn’t have a lightsaber) the security guards stood with the people instead of the criminal remnants of the old government.

Kor showed Mia the basics of how to lift small items with the Force and one or two demonstrations of her newfound abilities was enough to convince everyone she was a true Jedi. There were even rumors floating around that she had been a Jedi for a long time, she was simply undercover in the Mizar system to help overthrow the pirates.

They cornered Prauf to accuse him of starting the rumors.

He grinned. “Well, maybe, I might have made a few, suggestions, that leaned in that direction. Can I help it if people don’t understand the finer nuances of my conversation?”

Mia laughed.

Kor thought she had a bell-like quality to her laughter, clear and bright. “Let’s not make a habit of it, but in this instance, okay.”

Prauf clapped him on the back. “You know you like it, kid.”

“Nope. I hate you, remember?”

They’d already informed Mia about the source of their lighthearted insult and she’d also seen their video explaining the origin of it. She laughed along with them.

The three of them turned to observe the representatives. They were trying to agree on a new constitution and were arguing over some obscure point or other.

“You think it’s safe for us to leave them to it?” Kor mused.

Mia nodded. “As long as they’re arguing about the correct way to word the constitution, they’re not trying to kill each other. I’d say that’s a good sign.” Wouldn’t you?, she added, trying out her new abilities.

Absolutely, Kor agreed.

Sure thing, Prauf said. “And since they are, this is as good a time as any for us to hightail it out of here. They don’t need us anymore.”

“You’re right, big guy. Our work here is done.”

“Wait a minute.” Mia held out a restraining arm. “What about your payment or donation or whatever? Don’t you want that?”

Kor took her arm and gently steered her out of the building. “First of all, the Jedi will never go hungry. Some of our earlier missions netted us more than we can eat in a lifetime. Second, we have our own planet, with food, minerals, natural resources, everything a growing Jedi could want. The Jedi are attuned to nature so we can grow our homes, clothes, food, anything we need. And third, we’ve already received our payment.”

She was confused. “You have? What?”

Kor stopped and pointed at her. “You.”

“Wait a minute. I’m your payment?” She was feeling a bit outraged.

“Reward, perhaps would be a better word,” Kor responded quickly.

“We came here as two Jedi, now we’re three,” Prauf added. “I’d say that’s a pretty good reward, wouldn’t you?”

Her emotions did an immediate about-face. Her chin came up. “Yes,” she sniffed in a queenly manner. “I’m a very good reward for you.” She shot an intense look a Kor. “And don’t you forget it!”

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