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Scribe of Texas Poem - The Reigning of the Storm

The Reigning of the Storm

Published April 22, 2018

Along a barren rocky shore,
In a Kingdom called Mundane,
Lived a princess fair and sweet,
Whose touch was gentle rain.

Hair of gold and eyes of blue,
Her smile was rising dawn,
But misery was her lot in life,
Grief held her as a pawn.

Forlorn of heart and soul,
She lived in sorrows deep,
Bereft of any kith or kin,
Who would raze the fortress keep.

A crushing force had claimed the land,
And ruled with killing steel,
Those who did not live its way,
Or dared to voice appeal.

Along the castle walls and gates,
Two Demon guards held might,
Ten men high from head to foot,
Ne’re found by Mortal sight.

Fear, the first one's name was called,
And Terror was his twin,
With icy bonds of steely shame,
The princess they held penned.

Submission is my name she cried,
But only for my Liege,
When I learn his name or face,
I’ll sink unto my knees.

He that’s great and strong enough,
To free me from this pain,
Will find a tender heart inside,
My loins as wet as rain.

Like winged dove her cry took flight,
'cross all the world and seas,
Looking for the one she sought,
Who would heed her mournful pleas.

No mountains were too high,
Nor depths too deep to sound,
Until the quest was done,
Her champion he was found.

A great and fearsome beast,
With anger in his eye,
Uneasy in his sleep he heard,
The distant wailing cry.

Bringer of the Storm he was,
And Chaos was his reign,
All who knew him feared him,
For death was in his train.

But knew they not the troubled soul,
Behind the fearsome face,
Or the lonely aching curse,
That led him to this place.

Woken from his slumber,
The urges in him swirled,
From his chains unloosed,
He ran throughout the world.

From frozen mountain tops,
To wind whipped ocean spray,
Without pause or care he hunts,
Ever lusting for his prey.

Under burning Sun by day,
Or starlit freezing night,
He moved across the land,
Till the kingdom he did sight.

People shook to see his rage,
And fled his angry haste,
The Bringer of the Storm,
Has come to lay us waste.

On his head were curses laid,
As they plead with him in vain,
Take not our only home away,
We’ll lift praises to your name.

He roared at them in Thunder,
With lightning in his eye,
From my path I sweep you,
My wrath you dare not try!

Then in battle did he join,
With Terror and his Twin,
For the princess looking on,
Her heart he strove to win.

The Earth it shook unto its core,
The hills did move and quail,
The sun by clouds was blotted out,
And dark became the Dale.

Howling winds and driving sleet,
Crushed the forest stand,
Ocean waves that reached the sky,
Were flung across the land.

The battle raged for days on end,
Till nothing more was left,
And when the smoke was cleared away,
The guards in twain were cleft.

But alas!

The Beast was wounded sore,
Bleeding out his life away,
Upon the trampled grass,
And she quickly ran to pray.

Heedless of her gown she was,
Or the looks that people gave,
Kneeling there beside him,
To keep him from the grave.

My Lord you can not leave me,
Forever I’m your slave,
Take my heart and soul,
Which only you could save.

Take my body too I beg,
Claim it as your right,
Then healing tears ran down,
And flowed in rivers bright.

Before her disbelieving eyes,
The Beast in half was torn,
Until he stood upright once more,
In pure and Manly form.

He claimed her lips with his,
Arms around his plunder,
Drinking of that fount,
So freely she did sunder.

Then chains of truest Love,
Did fall upon them both,
In so pure a Bondage,
By hammer never broke.

The Storm it died away,
Replaced by gentle mist,
All the folk did joyous cry,
To see that perfect kiss.

On that wondrous day,
Love had conquered shame,
The land was set to rights,
And Freedom was its name.

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