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Hospitals In a Secular World

Published April 9, 2020

Michael V Wilson
By Michael V. Wilson

Dennis Prager, in one of his recent Fireside Chats about morality, made an interesting comment that triggered an immediate response in me. He was discussing the secular versus Biblical worldview and how so many people believe in science as if it were a religion that could offer revealed truth instead of mere facts.

He used slavery as an example. So many secular people bludgeon America with the “sin” of slavery but he pointed out that for most of human history, everyone practiced slavery at one time or another. He said when something is universal, you shouldn’t ask where it came from, but why it stopped. The answer, of course, is that the Bible teaches the infinite value of every human life, something that never occurs in the secular world using secular logic.

It was then he made the remark that caught my attention. He said hospitals were an aberration of secularism. In a world without God, where only evolution and the survival of the fittest ruled, hospitals were an inversion of the rules. Hospitals, he said, were the survival of the weakest.

Think about that for a minute.

He’s right. If evolution is true, if we only survive because we’re stronger or smarter or more fit than those around us, hospitals would never be built because they would prolong the life of weaker individuals who aren’t fit to survive. Doctors would never be allowed to practice medicine because they’d simply be prolonging the life of those who were doomed to destruction anyway.

In a world without God, hospitals are an abomination. In a world that is secular only, hospitals would never exist.

So why do we have so many of them? Why are they located where they are? Where are the best hospitals? Why are they the best?

In the USSR, in the EU, in Cuba, in Venezuela, in Communist Red China, in any socialist or communist country, where God is ignored or officially derided as irrelevant and insignificant, their hospitals are some of the worst in the world.

Europe is an especially good case study of this. Europe was once the center of Christianity in the world. Medical science took great strides in Europe under the leadership of men who were staunch Christians and tried to live the Gospel every day in everything they did. The same trajectory took place in the United States and Israel. Judeo-Christian countries have the best hospitals and greatest medical advances in the world.

As Europe turned its back on Christianity and God, as they turned to socialist “Big Brother” governments, medical care took a nose dive. They bragged about having free cradle-to-the-grave medical care, but it was only free in that you didn’t have to pay money when you walked into the doctor’s office. You paid for it with crushing taxes on the front end and your life on the back end. When human life no longer has infinite value because it’s just an accident of evolution, why bother moving heaven and earth to save it? In the Veterans Administration (VA), which is a microcosm of godlessness, the same dynamic is at work, resulting in veterans dying while waiting for a doctor’s appointment that never comes.

In Muslim countries, where, as George Orwell once said, some lives are more equal than others, hospitals and medicine are often medieval at best, barbaric or non-existent at worst. In India, Mother Teresa stood out like a shining beacon in the night because her Christianity compelled her to help orphans the pagan Hindus ignored.

Throughout history, doctors and hospitals only existed in Judeo-Christian countries. In pagan countries, the occasional witch-doctor might jump around shaking his beads and rattles while mumbling nonsense syllables over a sick person, but no one expected it to do any good.

Needless to say, it didn’t.

But Christians, believing in a rational universe because they believed in a rational God, and believing every human life had infinite value because they were made in the image of a Holy God, studied and probed and experimented and tested trying to find cures for ancient diseases – and often succeeded! Success fed upon success, giving birth to the scientific method and a wealth of knowledge that became the springboard for the next generation of god-fearing researchers trying to save lives.

Medicine, doctors, and hospitals are only possible in Judeo-Christian countries. As soon as those countries turn their back on God, medical care begins to drop like a rock.

This is the great irony of the modern political Left today. They claim to be more moral, caring, and compassionate than the political Right or Christians, completely ignoring the fact that the very beliefs they claim underlie their compassion, are the beliefs that make compassion impossible and will doom countless millions of people to an agonizing death without doctors or hospitals.

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