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Come Out From Among Them

Published August 1, 2021

Michael V Wilson
By Michael V. Wilson

The time has come in the United States when we can no longer shirk our obligation to the Truth or shy away from stating the obvious – we are in a war of good vs. evil. We can talk ourselves blue in the face about Democrats vs. Republicans (many of whom are RINOs) or the lawlessness of Big Tech, stolen elections, government enslavement of the populous through coercive vaccinations for the “common good”, “mostly peaceful” riots versus a fantasy insurrection that didn’t happen on January 6, Critical Race Theory (CRT), propaganda mills disguised as public schools, and on and on and on, but unless we’re willing to confront the underlying cause of all those things and more, we’re wasting our time.

The underlying root cause of all this madness is Christianity vs. godlessness.

Modern Dichotomy

Our opponents – everyone who isn’t a Christian – openly and proudly advocate for a secular government as the solution to every problem. The difficulty with their position is that the world “secular” means of or relating to the worldly or temporal, not overtly or specifically religious. In other words, godless. They are advocating a government without God as the solution to our problems, regardless of their cause, proximity, size, or complexity.

Although our government was created by the Founding Fathers to be nondenominational, they never once intended for it to be secular or without God. Seeing those words “a government without God as the solution to our problems” should send a chill down the spine of every God-fearing man, woman, and child in America. The reasons are as simple as they are obvious.

Every solution a godless government proposes will be the exact opposite of Christian values and morality; abortion, homosexual marriage, men pretending to be women invading women’s dressing rooms, bathrooms, sports, and prisons, lockdowns of innocent people based on a suspicion they might have COVID or might get it or pass it on, to the point of pushing many to suicide, loss of their business or job, alcoholism, drug addiction, and dependency on handouts from the godless government that caused all these problems in the first place. Take a look at any headline, read any article, and the chances are better than 90% that whatever the government is advocating or pushing as a solution is in direct conflict with Scripture. We have to move in the opposite direction and make government solutions align themselves with Scripture and Scripture only.

This is the point at which many people will object “you can’t legislate morality”. There is, however, a deep theological word for that idea:


All laws are based on morality. How often has someone observed some action they didn’t like and protested, “There outta be a law!” The revulsion or objection to the behavior, based on morality, came first, then a law was proposed and passed to prohibit or stop the behavior.

Laws always follow morality.


The only real question is; whose morality will the law be based on?

Judging the underlying morality of existing laws is relatively easy, by the way. Simply examine the results of the law’s application and it will become readily apparent if the law is based on Godly Christian morality or ungodly immorality. If the results promote peace, harmony, and goodwill among law-abiding citizens, it’s almost certainly a Godly Christian morality (the godless will object, of course), but if it produces conflict, blame, accusations, fear, and resentment, you can be sure it’s based on ungodly immorality.

Not only does a godless government and its allies, produce unjust, immoral, godless laws, but government itself also becomes lawless, immoral, and unjust. A government that absolves Leftist rioters of burning and looting but persecutes unarmed people who walked through the Capital on January 6, keeping them in solitary confinement for months on end, is lawless, immoral, and unjust. Their allies in the Mafia Media, Big Tech, BLM, etc., etc., are equally so. They cloak their actions in false pretensions of moral rectitude and superiority even as they staunchly proclaim you can’t legislate morality, never seeing the hypocrisy of their claims.

While we can’t read minds, we can read outward actions (by their fruits you shall know them), and their words and actions are lawless, immoral, and unjust, which means they’re almost certainly godless as well.

Throw into the mix the fact that any religion, such as Islam, that denies Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord is either actively godless or seriously misguided.

These then are our opponents; the godless, the lawless, the immoral, the unjust, and the deniers of Christ.

Stand Up As Christians

It’s time for Christians to stand up and oppose the godless government as Christians, for no other reason and allowing no other allies to join us. If we allow non-Christians to join our efforts or we advocate non-Christian ideas or motives we will dilute and weaken the power of the Gospel and undercut our efforts. We must fight and win as Christians and Christians alone. Anything less will end in disaster – as it already has.

Christianity contains everything we need to create a peaceful, safe, and prosperous nation, and in fact, it did. Any serious examination of American history will verify it; from Washington praying in the snow at Valley Forge to Benjamin Franklin advising daily prayer at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, to the Great Awakenings, to our national struggle to overcome the evils of slavery, to our wars against tyranny on behalf of others in two World Wars, to our schools based on Christianity for most of our history, to our kindness and generosity to people around the world, to our rise from a tiny agrarian nation that was nearly destitute to a globe-girdling superpower with more inventions and achievements than anyone else in the world; our history is predicated and built upon the virtues of Christianity, self-sacrifice, humility, prayer, and righteous living, however often we may have fallen short in those endeavors.

The Golden Rule, given to us by Jesus to “do unto others as we would have others do unto us” if universally followed, would eliminate the need for any laws or governments at all. The fact it’s not universally followed doesn’t change the truth of that proposition in the slightest. Instead, the fact it’s not followed by everyone is why Romans 13 tells us to be subject to the governing authorities and that they don’t carry the sword in vain. Governments carry the sword as a symbol of their power to punish evildoers. However, Romans 13 also tells us rulers (i.e., governments) are not a terror to good works but to evil, but when government does become a terror to good instead of evil, it is time to remember a quote from Reverend Jonathan Mayhew’s 1750 sermon entitled Concerning Unlimited Submission, wherein he preached that, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God,” which Thomas Jefferson adopted as his personal motto.

Come Out From Among Them

2 Corinthians 6:14-18 (unequally yoked), combined with Ecclesiastes 3:8 (a time for war) and Acts 5:29 (obey God rather than men) compels us to put Jesus Christ above everything else in this world and we must rise up as Christians to throw off the bonds of slavery and servitude forged by the godless government and their allies and every other denier of Jesus Christ.

If that means war, so be it. Our eternal future is secure so we have no reason to fear death. In the meantime, Christians should have our own country, a country which is explicitly Christian in nature and design, nondenominational so all churches will be welcome, but Christian all the same. Whether we take over America as a whole or split off from it makes little difference, we need our own country. We need to come out from among the godless and profane.

Preachers were at the forefront of our civil war against King George, which became a War of Independence and our Civil War against slavery; they must do the same today. Technology may have changed but human nature and the battle of good vs. evil haven’t. We need godly preachers to inspire and show us the way.

And finally, we need a new motto. With apologies to the first Terminator movie, I propose the following motto:

I’m a Christian.
I can’t be reasoned with.
I can’t be bargained with.
I won’t compromise or surrender.
And I absolutely will not stop – EVER – until Jesus is Lord of all.

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