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Utopia: Heaven or Hell?

Published June 5, 2022

Michael V Wilson
By Michael V. Wilson

Throughout the ages mankind has always wanted more. Regardless of the culture or ethnic group, race or religion, on every continent, island, plain, mountain, jungle, or desert, whether in the mightiest globe girdling empire or the smallest backwater tribe, there has always been a desperate yearning in the hearts and minds of people, young and old, for a place of peace where there’s no trouble or privation, where food and water abound for the taking, where shelter is readily available, the weather is always fair, the breezes are gentle, war is a forgotten art that no longer exists, sickness and injury have been abolished, and every need is satisfied. In short, people want utopia.

But do they really?

The problem is, hardly anyone has ever stopped to consider what a utopia would actually be like.

The Bible talks about a utopia called Heaven, reserved for those who have found salvation in Jesus, where they will live forever in new glorified bodies that never age or get sick. However, the Bible is short on specifics about Heaven – well, yes, it talks about streets of gold and everyone wearing white robes but little else is known – so the popular image has sprung up that Heaven consists of people sitting on clouds ceaselessly strumming harps for all eternity.

Let me be the first to say it – if that’s Heaven, it’s Hell.

People need a purpose to their lives if they’re to avoid turning into raving psychotics. They need to strive, to struggle, to work to achieve a goal in order to maintain a healthy balance in their lives. Without a purpose in life, without a reason to exist, all kinds of psychiatric problems – mental, emotional, social, and spiritual – arise in very short order. Two examples will suffice to demonstrate this need for purpose.

Mouse Utopia

People aren’t mice but researchers often use mice in medical experiments to test drugs and products of all kinds to ensure they’re safe for human use and/or consumption. They can also use mice in social experiments to test various theories about social interaction in populations of diverse sizes and in varying conditions. One of those experiments, conducted in 1968, remains the definitive exercise in examining the effects of a predator-free environment where every physical need is taken care of.

In 1973, John B. Calhoun, MD, published a paper on an experiment he and his colleagues had recently conducted over the course of several years, called Universe 25. Universe 25 was a large enclosure, ideally suited for mice to flourish in. Food and water was abundant and available 24 hours a day. The enclosure was temperature controlled, outfitted with plentiful nesting sites, and had plenty of room for exercise and social interaction. Their every need was taken care of and nothing dangerous was ever allowed to threaten them. In short, it was a utopia specifically designed for mice.

Four mice, two male and two female were introduced into Universe 25 and very quickly the population began doubling every 55 days. Since there were no predators or dangers of any kind, mice died only from old age, continuing to live long after they were past their reproductive age(s).

As the population grew, with nothing to occupy their time, social problems began to occur, unprovoked violence erupted among the male mice, females gave birth to fewer pups, often neglecting those who were born. The upper ranks of the social order were occupied by mice who were past their reproductive prime with no possible advancement possible for the younger mice. The growth rate suddenly dropped in half, then abruptly began to fall until finally no more young were being born and all the living mice were past their reproductive years. At that point, the colony in Universe 25 steadily declined until all of them were dead.

For the mice in Universe 25, utopia was Hell, a literal dead end leading to death.


You might object that people are different, we can reason and invent new products or ways of looking at the world. You’re reading this article over the internet, a method of communication that didn’t exist when Calhoun ran his experiment in 1968. People can obtain psychiatric help when problems crop up in their lives. We’re not contained in a box we can’t leave, we can move wherever we want. We can better ourselves with higher education, change careers, and compete in a multitude of ways not available to simple mice. We have opportunities available to us that mice couldn’t dream of or take advantage of even if they could.

In short, people aren’t mice.

Fair enough.

But that’s not the end of the story.

In the early 1960’s, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, often referred to by his initials, LBJ, launched a series of initiatives and programs known collectively as the “Great Society” which were intended to erase racial injustices and create a social safety net so no one in America would be left destitute by circumstances beyond their control. Although noble in intent, the actual results of these programs, which grew and proliferated as the years went by, are producing exactly the same results as Universe 25, if not worse.

In the nearly 60 years since the Great Society programs were launched, fatherlessness has skyrocketed among every group that has taken advantage of welfare, SNAP, rental assistance, and government handouts. Young men, growing up without fathers to channel their energy and aggression into productive outlets, have joined gangs and indulged in violence far out of proportion to their numbers in society. Women have raised broods of children, often fathered by numerous different men, whom they proceed to neglect, if they allow them to be born at all. Abortion among women who live on government assistance is at an all-time high. Church attendance among these groups has bottomed out, social interactions are reduced to sound bites on TikTok or Twitter, emotional problems abound, and the ability to reason is crumbling as children can’t be bothered to summon up any interest in education. Suicide among all ages groups is soaring. Numerous other problems, beyond the scope of this article, are everywhere.

The Great Society, far from saving society, has nearly destroyed it. If allowed to continue, eventually it will destroy American society.

World Economic Forum

The Great Society isn’t the only threat though. Increasing secularization, leading to a loss of our moral underpinnings, has created cancel culture, homosexual “marriage” by fiat from the Supreme Court, “transgender” madness, riots across the country, defund the police movements, stolen elections, January 6th political prisoners, and more.

Looking to take advantage of this chaos is a little known threat from group called the World Economic Forum (WEF). Most people have never heard of it or don’t know much about it except the name.

The WEF is composed of government leaders, NGO’s, corporate CEO’s, banks, billionaires, tech giants, and left-wing media, assembling once a year in Davos, Switzerland to plot out the future of the world – whether you like it or not.

Klaus Martin Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF, was born on March 30, 1938 in Ravensburg, Germany. His parents, Eugen Wilhelm Schwab and Erika Epprecht, had moved to Germany during the Third Reich in order for his father to assume the role of director at Escher Wyss AG, a Swiss engineering firm with offices in Germany. Schwab himself is a German engineer and economist. He has acted as the WEF's chairman since founding the organization in 1971.

On July 21, 2021, it was reported that Schwab said, “You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy,” Or, as Anthony P. Mueller, a professor of economics, warns, “The main thrust of the forum is global control. Free markets and individual choice do not stand as the top values, but state interventionism and collectivism. Individual liberty and private property are to disappear from this planet by 2030.” To put it more bluntly, the WEF is trying to create a Universe 25 box for the whole world with only themselves on the outside looking in and controlling everything.

So, a man who grew up in Nazi Germany is the founder and chairman of an organization that wants to take over the world with or without your consent. This is not a plan with a future.


If, as the “scientists” tell us, evolution is real then nothing you do makes any difference once you’re dead. Your only chance at happiness is while you’re alive and therefore anything you can do to extend your life and/or make it easier is a good thing. A global government that carefully plans for and takes care of everything, as envisioned by the WEF, is a step in that direction. The “global reset” they’re planning would put us on the road to utopia but, as we saw with the Universe 25 experiment and LBJ’s Great Society, man-made utopias are self-defeating. They never work.

Why not?

They sound good. On paper everything looks good, all the variables have been accounted for so, theoretically, it seems like they ought to work. So why don’t they?

If man-made utopias worked it would verify the theory of evolution. Evolution postulates your only purpose in life is pleasure, safety, and reproduction. There is no other meaning or goal to your life. Therefore, anything that provides all three – utopia – would be the ultimate good. The Soviet Union was created to be a utopia, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” If ever there was a real world test of utopia, the Soviet Union was it – and it failed miserably. In fact, every communist country that’s ever existed has failed to deliver on the utopia it promised its citizens. China continues to exist only because it has adopted a blended society combining communism and (semi) free enterprise but even that is crumbling under the pressure of the government’s Zero COVID policies that are locking down millions of people in cities all over the country.

But utopias, whether of the Universe 25 variety or the Great Society or communism, always come crashing down in a tyrannical self-destructive orgy of corruption, immorality, and violence. The universal nature of Utopian self-destruction argues that evolution is in fact wrong and people have an innate higher purpose in life that transcends mere existence.


As Sherlock Holmes told Watson, “Eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” If evolution is wrong the only other possible origin of the universe and human life is creation by God.

An infinite God who is powerful enough and smart enough to design, engineer, and create an entire universe out of nothing, is a God who has the answer to every question. He’s a God who can create a heavenly utopia that doesn’t involve whiling away eternity strumming a harp. By the way, that secular (meaning ‘godless’) vision of Heaven isn’t meant to inform you about Heaven, it’s meant to discourage you from wanting it. The real Heaven is very different.

First of all, the word Heaven doesn’t simply mean the sky above us or an ethereal city floating in the clouds. It’s the name for the place where God lives. The Bible is specific, in the Book of Revelation, that the old Earth (the one we’re on right now) will be destroyed and a new one will be created in its place. This new Earth will be like the Garden of Eden. Then, the city of New Jerusalem will come down out of the sky and everyone who is saved will live in it. In other words, it talks about a physical Heaven on a physical planet Earth with God living with us in New Jerusalem.

In the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam a task, to keep and tend the garden. In the afternoon or evening, in the cool of the day, God would come down and walk with Adam and they would spend time together. This sets the picture for Heaven, where each of us will have a task which is ideally suited for us, making it an occupation instead of a job. Then, in the cool of the day, we’ll spend time walking and talking with God. We’ll also spend eternity getting to know everyone else in Heaven.

A utopia designed by an all-knowing, all-powerful God who loves us is what waits for every person in the world who accepts Jesus as their savior.

What more could anyone ask?

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