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The New Intolerable Acts: Time for a Divorce

Published October 15, 2022

Michael V Wilson
By Michael V. Wilson

The Intolerable Acts of 1774, also known as the Coercive Acts, were some of the final acts by the British Parliament in their attempt to exert control over the increasingly restive and rebellious colonies of our forebears. They were also, inadvertently, one of the final straws that pushed the Founding Fathers to the brink of revolution and beyond. It was only two years later, in 1776, that the Declaration of Independence declared, in part, “...all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

In other words, they tolerated evil from Parliament and the Crown until it became intolerable, no longer sufferable, at which point they finally said, “Enough is enough,” and launched a violent rebellion against the dominate superpower of the day.

Anyone who regularly reads articles on conservative web sites is already well aware of the new Intolerable Acts being passed by Congress on what seems like a weekly basis, as well as the Intolerable Acts disguised as Executive Orders by Grandpa Gropes. His totalitarian edicts, along with similar ones by Governor Hair Gel in California and others, are pushing Americans to the brink of revolution and beyond.

None of this is news to people who pay attention to the facts. Nor is it news that Democrats, as Tulsi Gabbard has famously noted, have morphed into full-on Marxists and Republicans, increasingly composed of RINO’s, are worse than useless in stopping them. There are a few bright lights among them but they’re not numerous enough to take control of the party.

Civil War

There have been two Civil Wars in America. The first one, which was successful, was renamed the Revolutionary War by the winners (us), and the second one, which was unsuccessful, continues to be called the Civil War by the winners (the north). Both were bloody, savage, and deadly, not only to front line soldiers but to civilians, including women and children. Both resulted in widespread destruction of homes, businesses, fields, roads, bridges, ports, and public lands. Both destroyed entire families and left massive poverty in their wake.

War is hell and civil war is hell on steroids.

Nobody wants a repeat.

But there comes a point when war is the only remaining option if you want to avoid becoming a slave to the government. What kind of government – authoritarian, democracy, communist, fascist, monarchy, etc. – is completely irrelevant to the slave. If you’re a slave with no rights and no control over your own life, who cares what kind of government is enslaving you? Slavery is slavery.

Currently, there’s a great deal of debate around the internet and person-to-person, as to exactly what constitutes the point of no return, where evils are no longer sufferable. The consensus seems to be we haven’t reached it yet but it’s getting closer.

There’s an equal amount of debate concerning whether or not there are enough rock-ribbed conservatives and Christians remaining who would actually take up arms against the government if it came down to it. Historians agree only about 3% of Americans actually fought in the Revolutionary War. Can we muster that same percentage today? The current population of America is about 333.4 million, 3% of that would be 10.2 million. Today, the words conservative and Christian mainly seem to be spelled W-I-M-P, so it’s doubtful we’d be able to scrape together a million warriors, let alone10 million of them.

The government, through their lackeys in Big Tech, have the means to shut off our communications with each other, making coordination of troops difficult if not impossible. Sun Tsu advised generals to do the unexpected, but how can we do that if the government is monitoring our communications 24/7? They also control the essential elements needed to successfully wage war; money, gas, electricity, food, ammunition, medical treatment for the wounded, etc., to say nothing of the disparity in available weaponry. Do you have a howitzer or an Apache attack helicopter in your backyard?


Me either.

As Nick Fury said in The Avengers, we’re hopelessly, hilariously outgunned.

Furthermore, the logistical problems faced by George Washington’s army nearly doomed them to defeat and they only managed to win by the narrowest of margins. Logistical problems today are far worse, compounded by the fact nearly all the roads and supply chains are controlled by the government. All things considered, it’s extremely unlikely an actual civil war could be won against today’s government.


If a civil war is unwinnable, and it is, and the Left will keep trying to ram sin down our throats, and they will, perhaps the only option left before Jesus returns is a divorce. Given the Left’s fascination with all things unchristian and their promotion of no-fault divorce nationwide, this might not be as far-fetched an idea as you might think, we just have phrase it properly so it slips directly into their subconscious where they don’t have any defense against it.

The Left is fond of talking about “my truth” and “your truth” as if there was more than one kind of truth. We also know they use the word democracy in a slippery fashion to mean multiple things depending on the context and who is saying it. We can use that against them.

Before launching into it however, we need to acknowledge, regardless of how the mid-terms turn out, that a separation will needed if we’re to avoid slavery. Like the so-called “unsinkable” Titanic, the ship of state has gone too far underwater to be saved. Abandoning ship is unavoidable at this point.

If Republicans manage to eke out a victory despite the inevitable Democrat cheating, there will be a few extra bright lights in Congress who aren’t there now, to help us with the divorce, but they won’t be enough to salvage the party or the country.

Democrats, and the Left in general, use words in much the same fashion as Humpty Dumpty, who famously said, “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” The real meaning of a word, the commonly accepted dictionary definition, is completely irrelevant to them. They make it up as they go along and change the rules as they see fit. We saw it on January 6, when they used verbal sleight-of-hand to turn a peaceful protest into an insurrection.

The only way to stop them is to strike first and strike hard.

We need to use the language of divorce, telling the Democrats and the media (I’m repeating myself) that there are irreconcilable differences between us and them, and the only peaceful solution is a divorce. We need to preemptively declare that anyone opposed to a peaceful divorce is, by definition, a moral monster in favor of civil war with all the attendant death, destruction, and misery that comes with it. This automatically gives us the moral high ground and puts them on the defensive. We need to propose a democratic referendum on a state-by-state basis to democratically give the citizens of each state the opportunity to make their own democratic choice about their own lives so no one has their rights trampled on by a privileged oppressive minority in power. (Notice how loaded that sentence is?)

We need to hammer this point again and again, in as many different ways as possible, not even deigning to reply to their criticisms of it. If we try to answer their criticisms, we’ll lose the momentum and allow them to set the narrative. We can’t let that happen, which is why we should ignore each and every protest and argument they set up against it.

Since Texas was once an independent country for ten years, and currently has a separate power grid from the rest of America, deep water ports, plentiful agriculture, ranching, lumber, oil, and refineries, it would be the perfect nucleus for a new nation. If the states in “fly-over” country joined together with Texas, they’d split America down the middle, isolating the East Coast and the Left Coast from each other.


We need to use the language of the Left to force them to live up to their own ideals. By striking first with loaded terminology and wording taken from their own playbook, we can force them into a defensive posture where it’s difficult for them to fight back. Properly done, we might even convince millions of conservatives and Christians who don’t have the stomach for open warfare, into our camp, allowing us to effect a peaceful separation through sheer numbers. We even have the perfect place to start a new, independent country.

Maybe it’ll work and maybe it won’t, but what have we got to lose by trying?

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